Releasing goals that don't serve us

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Releasing goals that don't serve us

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Today, we're diving into the art of releasing goals that no longer serve us. Yeah, we're doing some goal-culling and making room for the good stuff! So, picture this: you're sitting with your pals, creating a vision board. Someone adds "traveling in America" to their list, and you think, "Hey, that sounds cool! I'll add it too!" But here's the thing: sometimes those goals are what we call "filler goals."

They sneak their way onto our lists because we're not sure what we really want yet. Maybe we're trying to impress someone or just following the crowd. These goals might linger on our list, making no progress or feeling unsatisfying. And let's be honest, our goals should give us butterflies and tingly bellies, even if they scare us a bit. We should feel excited, even if we're nervous because they truly resonate with us.

Now, life happens, and we change. Our values, circumstances, and desires shift. So, it's time to release those old goals that no longer align with who we are. And guess what? The upcoming full moon in Capricorn on July 3rd is here to lend a helping hand (yano - if you're into that stuff)! Now, if you're an astrology nerd like me, you know Capricorn is all about hard work, determination, and going the extra mile.

Oh and FYI, you don't need to have a Capricorn sun to tap into that energy. It's all about channeling that go-getter spirit! So, with this full moon, we're called to reassess our goals, aspirations, and dreams. We'll see if they're still in line with our vision. Remember, we talked about the importance of having a vision last episode. It's like having a GPS for your life—no aimless driving here!

But hey, I get it. Letting go of goals can be tough. Society puts so much pressure on us to achieve and labels us as lazy if we're not constantly striving (boo!). But here's the truth: sometimes we're stuck, holding onto goals that don't bring us joy. So, it's time to reconnect with ourselves, let go of what doesn't serve us, and make space for new opportunities.

Now, I used to create dried flower arrangements (and a lot more creative stuff for a biz!), and I'd often go overboard. Adding this and that, thinking it would make things better. But you know what happened? It ended up looking like a hot mess! So, I had to take a step back, simplify, and remove the clutter. The same applies to our goals.

Here's what you can do: take a good look at your goals. You can start with one area of your life or tackle them all—your call! And if you're into astrology, check where Capricorn sits in your birth chart. It'll give you insights into which themes to focus on. But remember, keep it simple.

Now, let's ask ourselves: are these goals ego-based, something we think we should do to impress others or fit in? Or are they aligned with our deepest desires? Our vision will guide us. Trust your gut feelings. And hey, if you need more help connecting with your intuition, check out my resource in the show notes.

Remember, we're not failing by releasing goals that no longer serve us. Our journey is a collection of experiences—good, bad, and everything in between. So, let's ditch those goals that give us the ick factor and choose ones that truly light us up! The key is to simplify, focus on what brings us joy, and enjoy the journey.




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